What I’m like

I’m a touchy feely kind of guy.  This is more than a job. There is value and meaning. I will really BE there that day.  And we will have a connection. I won’ t be quite a stranger. Hopefully not at all. I feel honored that you have chosen me to be there to capture this day for you. That fact has meaning to me.  I’m amazed to be in the getting ready room before you walk down the isle. Just you, your mom and your special friends….and me….  Really.  Yeah, I’m blown away of what I get to do for a job.  I get to be the one capturing the ceremony for you and all the love and connections and joy of the day. Sometimes it doesn’t quite seem like a job.

I’m an artistic photojournalist. What that means is I will beautiful be capturing what is happening. I have a special eye for the real stuff. The feelings, the connections, the love, the fun.  The memories and feelings that you will make you go ahhhhh when you go to bed that night.